The team

Jordan Barak’s office has a team of veteran, professional and experienced  lawyers.

The office is equipped with the latest computerized technology, including tools to help search for laws and legal precedents.
The office has two affiliated offices, one in New York, USA, and the other in Montreal, Canada.
Thanks to these offices, we are able to provide international and multidisciplinary services to our clients, such as international negotiations, legal advising during international deals and international legal representation when necessary.
The office also cooperates strongly with Advocate Zehava Shapira of Petach-Tikva, Israel.

The Advocates in the office are:

Photo of Adv. Jordan Barak
Jordan BarakAdvocate & Notary
Certified by the Ministry of Justice to draft a Continuous Power of Attorney                                        Judge in the I.D.F. (Retired), Lieutenant Colonel

Photo of Adv. Jordan Barak
Jacob HarariAdvocate & Notary

Yariv HarariAdvocate