Advocate Barak studied Political Science and History at Concordia University in Montreal Canada, following which he pursued law at the University of Tel-Aviv, and was certified by the Israeli Bar Association as a lawyer in 1983 upon completing a two-year apprenticeship in the fields of family law, civil law and banking law. Advocate Barak has also been authorized by The Ministry of Justice to draft Continuous Power of Attorney documents (Live Will).

Jordan Barak has been practicing family law and banking law for the past thirty four years. Mr. Barak apprenticed in family Law under the guidance of the late Dr. Yehuda Speigal, a former Director General of the Ministry of Interior, and in civil law and banking law under the supervision of the distinguished Law Office of Elkes Stern & Asher. In addition to his expertise in family law, Mr. Barak is also one of the leading lawyers in Israel engaged in the field of defending bank clients and filing suits against banks. Over the last two decades the office has also been cooperating with the well known, recognized and experienced lawyer Advocate Zehava Shapira of Petach Tikva, particularly in the fields of real estate and family law.

Barak gained publicity in the area of family law after representing well-known personalities in Israel, as well as due to many articles which he has written for a variety of Israeli publications. In the area of banking law, Barak is one of the leading figures defending people sued by the banks and is also reknowned for claims which he has filed on behalf of clients against banks. The office represents clients from the preliminary stage of opening a bank account through to litigation against the banks if necessary. Mr. Barak has been responsible for a number of precedents being established in Israel, particularly in the area of protecting defendants’ property in the event of a claim being filed against them by a bank.

Mr. Barak also served as a judge in the I.D.F., holding the rank of Lieutentant Colonel.

The office’s goal is to serve its clients in the best manner possible, examining the needs of the client together with him, and promoting those needs to the highest professional standards.

The office is comprised of an experienced team of lawyers, apprentices and clerical staff. The latest word in technology is employed, including a computer system which assists in finding the applicable law to any question as well as the relevant jurisprudence.

The office also has two correspondent Law Offices, one in New York City and the other in Montreal, Canada, enabling it to function in the international arena, from accompanying international transactions through to international ligitation should the need arise. The office also cooperates with the well known, experienced and excellent real estate and family law attorney in Petach Tikva, Advocate and Notary Zehava Shapira.